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The Glebe Field Centre


Tel No: 01773 857894

Day Care Service

(registered charity no: 1045937)


Many thanks to all who support us by buying our wares on cakes stalls and at the pop-up cafe when we have book sales at the community centre. The proceeds help us to fund the cost of transport for our days out.

One was to the Tappers Harker pub and restaurant in Long Eaton for a three course meal. Shame the weather wasn’t kind to us but it didn’t stop us from having a good time.

Another trip was to Dobbies Garden and Shopping Centre in Barlborough, Chesterfield. All the shops are indoors so no need for hats and scarves here. After having a couple of hours spending we settled down in their restaurant to enjoy another three course meal. Didn’t need any tea that night!

Kathleen Blunt has sadly passed away aged 99We would like to say farewell to one of our long time members of the Day Care Service. As you will probably be aware by now, Kathleen Blunt passed away in March at the age of 99. Kath joined us in January 2005 and was still attending here twice a week. She always had a smile for everyone she met, never moaned or complained about anything, was a brilliant knitter and ‘stitch-picker-upperer’, enjoyed playing scrabble, word up and rummikub and the occasional glass of Baileys. God bless.

We will all miss you.


Day Care Manageress