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Popalong CHIKS (Children’s Home In Kenya Support)


Irene visited Aduwa in January, her home village in west Kenya, near to the north eastern part of Lake Victoria, so we have some photos! She was impressed with howwell the guardians are working together and how motivated they are to raise money through their agriculture to pay for some of the orphaned children’s expenses, such as school uniforms.

Their crops have done well, and market stall-holders come to them to buy their tomatoes! They also sell their kale and beans, and grow maize for themselves. CHIKS funded the pump that irrigates the field, and has made all the difference to their successful crop.

The goat kids are growing and the guardians are very proud of themIrene supervised the erection of a large hen house with outdoor space that can house up to 500 free-range chickens. This chicken business will also gradually help to fund the orphans. At present there are only sixty chickens, and they will slowly build up. The market there is for meat rather than for eggs.

The goat kids are growing, and the first and third offspring will be sold for the project. The guardians are very proud of them!

We are funding five children at secondary school and five at primary school and two at Polytechnic (studying metalwork). We still only just cover the school fees and food, so more regular donors would be very welcome.




Some of the children who are being funded at the schoolsEach year we have to find about £1000 over and above what we receive regularly from our valued donors – so we rely on your support for our fund-raising events – see below. If you wish to become a regular donor, please contact Lynda or Jim Gray and we will send you a form to fill in. Your donation can be gift aided.



June 22nd 7.30pm:

Concert at the Glebe – Ignite choir and Ukulele group.

Ignite UK is a four-part harmony a cappella chorus of 44 women based in Belper who perform a range of singing styles including ballads, songs from musicals, jazz, barbershop, pop and contemporary. The Ukulele group are singers from Fishpond choir who also play Ukuleles - fun and light-hearted with lots songs to join in with.


Ignite concert poster

November 9th 7.30pm:

at St Mary’s church - Lesley Smith will be introducing her new character, Peggy Knight.


If you can become a regular donor, please contact Lynda or Jim Gray and we will send you a form to fill in. Can be gift aided.


Justin Mansfield 07917 117 091

Lynda Gray: 01773 857921

Deirdre Offord 01773 853722

Heather Johnson 01773 856212

Christine Bryan 01773 853395


Our partners in Aduwa are Hope Initiative Kenya, and their website address is