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The energy and enthusiasm of our Scout section leaders continues to amaze me and they have filled the Scout programme throughout Spring 2018 with challenging and enjoyable opportunities for our young people. Our Scout leaders are not paid and often do not claim all their expenses, so I do thank them, on behalf of all the parents, for their amazing dedication.

preparations are well in hand for the day's cookingThe twenty-four Beavers all completed their Space challenge during the Spring - they learnt about the solar system, the planets and a few facts about those planets. They have also begun to learn how to read maps and understand map symbols. They've been undertaking a few evening walks and one saw them all trooping up to Crich Stand where six new Beavers were invested. The Cubs are preparing to go on camp in May. Perhaps their most exciting adventure during Spring 2018 was to visit The Deep Aquarium for a sleepover under the Sharks - or so it had been described to them before they went! Who knows what actually happened? The Cubs have four of the Explorer group working with them as Young Leaders, which is good for both the Cubs and for the Explorers.


the scouts cooked the bacon for Easter Day breakfast at Crich StandThe Scout section held their annual Chilly Challenge back in January - thirteen of them attended and it was, indeed, chilly! They are currently working on their Fire Safety Challenge. Phil Dolby has visited them at the Scout Hut and the next part of the challenge is to visit our local Fire Station, where they will be doing all sorts of exciting things, I'm sure! Once again, our Scouts have excelled themselves in demonstrating cookery skills and they came 5th in the County cookery challenge recently. On Easter Sunday, the Scouts cooked bacon sandwich breakfasts for the group of church folk who were holding an Easter Sunday morning worship service at Crich Stand.

This year, the worship was joined by a group of young people spending Easter weekend at The Briars, so it was a really good occasion. Thank you Scouts for making it so special for people in the village who were there. Preparation is ongoing for Scout camp over the May Bank Holiday weekend -once again in co-operation with Lea and Holloway Scouts. This year the venue is at Beaudesert in Staffordshire.

Preparations are also ongoing for the District camp in Sweden later this year - about twelve of our Scouts are signed up for that adventure.

The Explorer group created a large hollow cross for Good FridayThe Explorer group helped create a visual aid for St Mary's activities for children on Good Friday morning. With our over use of plastic being in everyone's minds, the young people created a large hollow cross shape from chicken wire. Folk attending church that weekend could push some plastic waste from their past week's activities. The Church idea behind the project was that all the rubbish in our lives can be taken to the Cross of Jesus and be forgiven. The Church was very grateful to those Scout members who helped to create this visual image over the Easter weekend.

The Scout Hut desperately needs some maintenance and decorating work doing on it and to this end we are very thankful for the grant which was given the Group by Severn Trent recently. It will be used for much needed repairs and refurbishment.

This will be happening soon!



The Scout Group is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of young people in the village and surrounding area. We are always in need of additional help - not just leaders and helpers, but also assistance with administration and the maintenance of the hut and grounds. If you would like to help, please give one of us a call.

Beaver Scouts: Justin 01773 857908
Cub Scouts: Nigel 01773 853707
Scouts: Mark 01773 850201