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Now, if you are not into sport, please do not switch off here. I understand the sense of weariness and ncomprehension that creeps over you at the mention of ‘Sport’. But please be patient. There are other things I will be coming to shortly, I promise. But how many of us participate in sport, watch sport, talk a fair bit about sport? I guess a fair proportion of the readership of CACN. Earlier in the winter we had the ‘Ashes’ Cricket Series in Australia. Your unpatriotic correspondent predicted a 5-0 whitewash. OK, we survived one and suffered a 4-0 thumping instead. Just a game? My newspaper had acres of coverage offering analysis, diagnosis and prescription. Much of it was none-too-flattering of particular individuals. England players have been known to retire from international cricket, or indeed all cricket, following a bruising ‘Ashes’ Series ‘down under’. Sport is serious business.

So right on cue, here is the famous quote by the late Bill Shankly, manager of Liverpool Football Club in the Sixties and Seventies. Purists might, with some justice, grumble that the quote is taken a bit out of context. But it still, in its stand-alone format, makes the point this famous manager was trying to get across. Here are his words:

"Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that."

In saying this, he probably spoke for many. And ’sportphobics’ everywhere sigh with pity for folk who feel this way. But I said we would get to something else. And so we have – a real matter of life and death. It is about your soul and mine. Sporting success comes and goes. But your soul is immortal. And it matters. It matters more than whether your team is winning or not. I can assure you, it is much more serious than that.

How do we know that? Because God put such a premium on your soul and mine, on your eternal destiny and mine, that He sent His own Son in the likeness of man to die in the place of sinful man to obtain us a place in heaven. Our spiritual welfare was a matter of life and death to God. It was a matter of life and death to His Son. It needed His death to acquire us the title to heaven, and so He duly died, as we read in the Bible.

So it is not about twenty-two men or women chasing a ball around a park or smacking a leather ball with a choice piece of willow. Your soul is much more serious than that, isn’t it?


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10.45 a.m. & 6.00 p.m.

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Sunday School

Our Sunday School takes place during the Morning Service and if you would like your children to come, they would be welcome at the beginning of the service at 10.45 a.m. when the Pastor gives a Children’s Talk. The Sunday School itself begins at 11.15 a.m. and takes place in the School Room at the rear of the church, which can be found by going down the drive between the shop and the church.

Seekers Club

Most Thursdays we hold a club for young people of Primary School age. There are Bible teachings, games, crafts, quizzes and other activities. The times for those aged 5–7 (Infants) is 5–6 p.m. and for those aged 8 and above (Juniors/Seniors) is 6–7 p.m.

For more details about the Sunday School and the Seekers Club, contact the Pastor on (01773) 853180.


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