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News from Crich Parish Council

Glebe Field Centre, Glebe Field Close, Crich, Derbyshire DE4 5EU

Tel: 01773 853928


Clerk: Carolyn Jennings


Crich: Cllrs. Anstead, Bateman, Baugh, Broom, Collison, Smith and Yorke
Fritchley: Cllrs. Lane (Chair), Brown & Thorpe
Whatstandwell Ward: Cllrs. Clark (Vice-Chair) and Walsh


The Parish Council has set the precept for 2018-19 at £64,240, an increase of £7,015 over the current financial year, which is £2.86 per elector per year, i.e. less than 6p per week. Amber Valley Borough Council have withdrawn their grant which would have amounted to £3,201, and, but for this, the increase would only be £3,814, or £1.55 per year per elector, 3p per week. This is a larger increase than we would have liked, but it is necessary in order to enable us to maintain standards in the parish to the level expected.

The new playground equipment is being installed at Crich recreation ground. We have had much positive feedback from parishioners who are very pleased with the improvements, including the easier access afforded by the new path.

Every winter we get more requests for additional grit bins. We looked at what other parish and town councils provide and discovered that Matlock has 11 bins, Wirksworth 12 and Baslow and Bubnell about 10. In contrast, Crich Parish Council has 54 bins (23 located in Crich, 11 in Fritchley, 13 in Wheatcroft and 7 in Whatstandwell). We also have 12 Amber Valley Borough Council bins in our parish (9 in Crich and 3 in Fritchley) and Derbyshire County Council has 1 in Crich and 1 in Whatstandwell. This means we have a total of 68 grit bins in the parish, 54 of which Crich Parish Council is responsible for filling. We recently had 8 empty bins and 4 part-empty ones filled at a cost of £631.80 and you will therefore understand that keeping all 54 filled is an expensive business. We have decided that provision of grit bins in the parish is now adequate and we have not budgeted for any more in the coming financial year.

We have had two more incidents recently of large vehicles driving across The Green in Fritchley and doing serious damage. This sort of vandalism is inexcusable and spoils a lovely part of the village. It is also expensive to repair. If anyone has any information which would help us to trace the culprits, please let us know.

The Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan is with the independent examiner and we are awaiting his draft report. Assuming all goes well, we hope it will not be too long before it goes to a referendum.

The expected planning application for 65 houses at Woodside Farm, Crich, has been made. For those who wish to send comments to Amber Valley Borough Council, the reference number is AVA/2017/1363. The Parish Council has registered its objections to the application.

The Crich Parish Council website has now gone live and you will find the address at the top of this article. We are very grateful to the Crich Area Community News committee for letting us use their website for a number of years.

I’m sorry to report that a former Chair of Crich Parish Council, Trevor Goodhead, has died. We send our sincere condolences to his wife, Sheila, and all his family.


Margaret Lane
Chair of Crich Parish Council