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Since the last edition of the CACN, the Crich Area Dementia Friends’ Group has been extremely fortunate, receiving significant donations to support our work from Foundation Derbyshire, who support a range of activities run by voluntary groups in the County, Severn Trent Water and their partner contractors, who have made valuable contributions to assist a number of community activities whilst the new reservoirs are being constructed, and a further generous donation in memory of Mavis Nightingale, who was the landlady of the King’s Arms on Crich Common. The latter donation was raised at a Christmas Concert given by the Crich Brass Band at the King’s Arms to remember and celebrate Mavis’ life and to recognise the tremendous support she gave the Crich Brass Band.

We are particularly grateful, as these donations will ensure that we will be able to continue to publish the quarterly newsletters, run the very successful music sessions at Crich Wesleyan Chapel, held at 2.00 on the second Friday of every month, and to run health, sports and well being activities. The planning for these activities is well under way, as is the planning for the walk to raise awareness of dementia to be held on Sunday May 6th. Please keep your eyes open for further information which will be displayed in Crich and all the surrounding communities and included in the next edition of the newsletter.

Frances James

01773 852692