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Our year two children have been writing poetry on the theme of Winter.




Snow is as white as sheep wool.

polar bearA polar bears fur is as soft as a snuggly blanket.

Icicles drip softly like a feather waving from the sky.

The sea turns as cold as ice.

Stars are like lots of gems sparkling in the sky.

By Hollie




Flaky frozen crunch snow.

frostRoaring fast cold wind.

One massive frozen icicle.

Snow falling from the frozen sky.

Too much snow to walk in.

You will get frozen out there.

By Jessica


Frost is on the rocks.

a frosty treeRoaring snow in the wind.

Oak trees are covered in snow.

Snow is falling.

Too much snow is white.

Yucky slushy snow.

By Milo


We hope you have enjoyed reading our poetry.
Miss J Kirk – Head Teacher