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Thank you for all your donations, to the Derby Refugee Forum, when some of our children were ‘busking’ outside Crich Butchers just before Christmas. We raised £134.87 for the Forum. This money will be used by the centre to help support asylum seekers with their home office applications.


Derby Refugee Forum

We continue to work closely with Derby Refugee Forum. We were really pleased when several volunteers and asylum seekers visited us in December. These are our children’s thoughts of the day:

The refugees looked nervous when they first approached our school, however, their worried faces soon changed to smiles as they began to hear us sing. We had chosen to welcome them with some of our songs which they really enjoyed.

After singing, we had organised activities for the whole school which included:

  • Playing football – this was fun and very competitive.
  • Making cards – in Arabic too.
  • Learning to play a musical instrument – lots of us had a go at different
    instruments with our visitors… it was really noisy.
  • Woodwork in the garden – lots of using ‘dangerous’ tools!
  • Making pom-poms and baubles – we want to make more of these with "Muddlealong"

“It was really fun because it gave me a chance to play football with the refugees and it’s something I don’t normally choose to do.Mabel.

I think they felt happy that they had been invited to our school as it gave them new experiences.Amelie.

“I really enjoyed the day when the refugees visited.” Ivy-Rose.

“You could tell the refugees liked it as they were always smiling.” Chris.


The refugees enjoyed their day as they were able do different activities that they hadn’t had experience of before. They liked being able to talk to other people and felt like they were normal human beings. We think being in our school might have reminded them of their caring families from home as we were able to show kindness towards them. We ate a lovely lunch together which was really appreciated by everyone.

As a school we thoroughly enjoyed the refugees’ visit as it made us feel happy and proud that we were able to provide them with the experience of visiting a school in England.

Would you be able to help us support the work of the Derby Refugee Forum? If you can help with donations of food (rice, pasta, oil, tinned fish, chick peas, coffee etc.) or toiletries – it would be very much appreciated. Please drop in any contributions to Junior School on the Market Place. Thank you.


pupils demonstrating their work  a school photo with the visiting refugees


Journey of 1000 Miles


Some of you may remember the Vietnamese Boat People who arrived in Derbyshire in the mid-1980s.

Our school book this term has been ‘Journey of 1000 Miles’, a story that describes the journey of Lee, a refugee boy and his family, making the hazardous trip on a boat from Vietnam to Hong Kong in the 1980s. This inspired us to write about Lee’s memories of his perilous journey.

"It’s finally over. The journey of 100 miles is complete. It only lasted for 2 weeks, but it feels like 2 years. Almost every moment is engraved in my mind, but I was so traumatized by the pirates that I will definitely never forget them!
It started when someone saw a ship in the distance and Grandpa got all the girls and most of the valuables and put them down into the bilges. Most people protested, but Grandpa insisted and the gold and the girls went below. Good thing too, as the men were pirates after all. They started by offering us water but it soon escalated to a man being thrown overboard and his wife being kidnapped. Why? You may well ask…ask the pirates.

So far I only have one wish: to get to America, and hopefully see Chi (my friend) there too. Through all the sacrifice and sorrow, I am glad that it is all over."


Olly (Year 6)


Manga Comic Strips


After reading ‘Captain Tsubasa’ – a Japanese comic strip that was translated into Arabic to inspire children in refugee camps – the year 6 class designed their own manga comic strips.


manga comic strip  manga comic strip  manga comic strip


manga comic strip  manga comic strip