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Crich Patient Participation Group.

Safeguarding Patient Care in the Crich Area


Improving the health of the community


There is a large body of research that has established a link between activities such as walking and running and physical health as well as between membership of social groups and good mental health. Unfortunately. in Crich there is no one central location where a comprehensive list of such activities and groups can be found. The CPPG have therefore taken it as one of our objectives for this year to provide such as list in order that members of the community can have ready access to such groups as and when they need them. We have been surprised by the number of such groups and will shortly publicise a comprehensive list in the Surgery and at other locations where the community meets. In this way we are hoping to raise awareness in the community of these opportunities and so contribute toward improving our health.


Mid-winter pressures

At the time of writing, the NHS is experiencing the usual mid-winter health crisis, with unprecedented demand in most hospitals. Our practice manager, Simon, reports that there has been the usual extra demand for GP services in the Crich practice too, but because of careful advanced planning, patients shouldn’t have noticed much, if any, difference in the level of service provided. By putting into effect various measures, such as making more appointments available to be booked on the day, and restricting staff leave, the extra demand has been managed successfully.


Hospital merger


People may not be aware that a proposal to merge two hospital trusts, Derby Teaching Hospitals (Derby Royal Infirmary) and Burton Hospitals (Queen’s Hospital), has reached an advanced stage. There have been public meetings to outline the plans but no consultation as such. The thought is that in the short term at least there should be no alterations to the clinical service received by patients, so no public consultation is necessary. There are efficiencies to be had by integrating and sharing ‘back-office’ systems (finance, payroll, records etc), and it is felt that a merger is essential to maintain local services in Burton at Queen’s Hospital. Without the backing of a larger organisation like the Derby trust, it gets more and more difficult to recruit the quantity and calibre of clinicians that would keep local services running. There are also various accreditations held by the Derby trust that are not available, without a merger, to the smaller Burton trust. This will make extra services available at Burton after a merger.

Obviously, patients whose natural first choice for treatment would be Derby Royal will be afraid that they might in future have to go to Burton instead. Having examined the plan for the merger, the Crich PPG has not seen any suggestion, either in the plans or between the lines, that this might happen. Overall, the benefits seem mostly to lie with the population of Staffordshire, but, at the moment, there seems to be no particular down-side to Derbyshire residents.


And finally...


Once again we’d encourage those who are able, to use the on-line facility for booking appointments or ordering repeat prescriptions at the surgery. Doing so most certainly does not put under threat the helpful voice on the end of the phone or the smiling face on reception. On the contrary, it reduces the time you might have to wait on the phone, or at the reception desk, on the occasions when you really need that personal contact. If you haven’t already done so, you can obtain log-in details from the Crich surgery.


If you wish to join us in these activities you will be very welcome. We are always looking for new members.
David Ashton, Paul Devlin and Frances James
Crich Patient Participation Group.

01773 857334