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Popalong CHIKS (Children’s Home In Kenya Support)


Irene is about to visit her family and the CHIKS project in Aduwa, so we will have first-hand news from her at the end of January - so that will be in the next edition of CACN.

We hear encouraging news that the guardians’ agriculture is doing so well that they are able to sell excess vegetables and are fattening up the goat-kids to sell as well. They are saving this money to buy hen houses and chickens to start a chicken business. This will all help to make CHIKS finances go further as the guardians are keen to contribute. Irrigation is the key to the success of their agriculture. We bought them a set of irrigation pipes, so they are now able to pump water from the Lake to irrigate the land belonging to Irene’s family.

Our two secondary school boys, Brian and Joel, have finished at secondary school, both aged 18, and we hope they can find employment. We have a new girl starting at secondary school, who did well at primary school, and a new 7-year-old orphan being cared for by Irene’s mother starting at primary school. Kevin has finished at primary school, aged 16, and we are funding him to study metalwork at the Polytechnic. Children stay at primary school until they complete class 8, but they may be well into their teens by the time this happens. They have a different system to ours – some children start late and also they have to pass each year’s exams before moving up into the next year.

We need to keep fundraising to help meet the costs of educating the children, so please note these dates for your diaries. More information re tickets nearer the time.


June 22nd 7.30pm:

Concert at the Glebe – Ignite choir and Ukulele group.

Ignite UK is a four-part harmony a cappella chorus of 44 women based in Belper who perform a range of singing styles including ballads, songs from musicals, jazz, barbershop, pop and contemporary. The Ukulele group are singers from Fishpond choir who also play Ukuleles - fun and light-hearted with lots songs to join in with.


November 9th 7.30pm:

at St Mary’s church - Lesley Smith will be introducing her new character, Peggy Knight.


If you can become a regular donor, please contact Lynda or Jim Gray and we will send you a form to fill in. Can be gift aided.


Justin Mansfield 07917 117 091

Lynda Gray: 01773 857921

Deirdre Offord 01773 853722

Heather Johnson 01773 856212

Christine Bryan 01773 853395


Our partners in Aduwa are Hope Initiative Kenya, and their website address is