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Copy deadlines are unforgiving things. Here I sit, the day after England’s sad exit from the World Cup. What can I say? The hopes of a Cup Final meeting with France dashed, Croatia spoiling the party and taking our place. Football deciding not to come home after all. A promising young team under a good manager – surely hope for the future there.

No matter. Whether defeat was to be the background to this piece penned for the CACN, or whether it was going to be the prospect of a World Cup Final match with France, there were always going to be reasons for rejoicing. How so?

Well, World Cup Final or no World Cup Final, you still might have reasons for rejoicing today. A new born baby. A new job. Or a job, full stop. Good exam results. A place in your first choice University or college. Good news about your health. These or a hundred other reasons may have left you rejoicing today.

There was a day when the Lord’s disciples returned from a ministry trip, as reported in the Bible. We learn they came back with joy. Why? They tell us. ’Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.’ Nobody could cast out demons. These malevolent spiritual beings left people sick, often violent and generally out of control. But the disciples had found these demons powerless to resist when commanded to go in the name of Jesus. What success! What fruit for their labour! The disciples were overjoyed.

The Lord’s words to them must have brought them up short –

“Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in heaven.”

We might well rejoice at the good things that come our way, just as we might well have rejoiced had England won the World Cup. But the best reason to rejoice, as spoken by the Son of God, is if we know we are going to heaven. That is the biggest thing of all. And if that prize is ours, in a sense, everything else is secondary.

Playing football better than anyone else wins you the World Cup. Hard work gets you exam success. But how do you get your name written in heaven?

Not by our own efforts’, is the short answer. Heaven is only open to those who know they do not deserve to be there. It is for those who know they do not have sufficient holiness to enter in their own right. It is for those who know their sin merits the opposite of heaven– hell!

We won’t find heaven by parading our personal triumphs, celebrating our moral victories, or loudly signalling our virtues to the world. Humility and repentance are absolute requirements to enter heaven. No boasting allowed here.

Furthermore, we have to admit the debt we owe someone else – Jesus Christ – whose death is the payment accepted by God for our sin. Did God’s Son have to die? Is that not a bit extreme? No. Our sin is extremely bad in the eyes of a holy God. Justice cries out for recompense. The Son pays in full for all who will believe and trust in Him. For in believing, we receive the gift of eternal life,

So, no great rejoicing for our England team. But even if they had brought the World Cup home, we would still have greater reason to rejoice that our names are written in heaven.


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