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Crich Patient Participation Group.

Safeguarding Patient Care in the Crich Area
Colin Hoskins, Interim Group Chair

Health Related Activities


As mentioned previously the CPPG are compiling a list of all the health related activities available in the village. The list was displayed in the CPPG gazebo at the Crich Fête and following the success of the Village Activity Week, we hope to be making it more permanently available on display in the surgery. At the moment this information is dispersed in various publications and notice boards throughout the village and we felt that there was a need to have a comprehensive list permanently available. Although the surgery is the obvious place to display it, the CPPG will also endeavour to make it available on the various village websites.

We have attempted to make the list as comprehensive as possible, but there are bound to be some omissions while some of the information is incomplete. We plan on constantly updating the information so if you are aware of any inaccuracies please contact us at:
Crich PPG


Mental Health Together


Mental Health Together (MHT) has been set up to give patients (they like to call them service receivers) a greater say in the services they access. This ensures they are listened to, and their experiences are taken into account when services are designed and delivered. They form the link between you, the patient, and the people who commission and ultimately deliver the services.

I’ve written previously about how healthcare is ‘commissioned’ by the Clinical Commission Groups (CCGs); this applies to hospital in-patient care, out-patient clinics, mental health support and care: pretty much everything that isn’t delivered at the GP surgery. MHT is there to make sure that the commissioned mental health care is designed and delivered with patients views taken into account at every stage. Please note that in this context, ‘mental health care’ includes care for those with dementia.

How do they do this? Obviously MHT can only give service receivers and carers a voice if they engage with them, and know what their views are. So they want to hear people’s experiences.

They would like to hear from people with a wide range of mental health conditions using primary and secondary care services or not using services at all, from carers, and from people with dementia and with autism.

  • You can get involved by sharing your experiences of using health and social care services;
  • Receive information provided by the service (e.g. bulletins and newsletters);
  • Become a steering group member;
  • Become an Expert by Experience.

There are details, including details about being a steering group member or Expert by Experience, on the service’s website:, or by email at or by phone on 01773 880786.

It may feel daunting to get involved if you have a mental health condition, and MHT will offer support by mental health professionals.