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As I write this, we are preparing to run the Tea Tent at Crich annual fête. The weather forecast is good and a number of people are busy making and baking cakes for us. I would like to record a big thank you to all those who help with this vital fundraising event.

I also want to thank Valerie Broom and Peter Walters for the provision of benches on the recreation ground and all those who helped install the new vehicle access track. Your support is very much appreciated.

Since the opening of the playground we have still been busy and I hope that, by the time you read this, waste bins and additional benches have been installed. We are also planning the quiet seating area, wild play area, landscaping and sculpture.

Inevitably, all our plans are dependent on raising the required funds and we continue to seek support from funding agencies, local businesses and local people. At present we still owe money for the playground equipment and if you can help in any way we would really appreciate it.

I am afraid to report we have experienced a number of incidents of misuse of the play equipment, especially by older children. Can I please ask all parents to remind their older children not to use the younger children’s equipment in the fenced area. Also, not to bully other children to get off the equipment so they can ‘take it over’.

Many people have said how much they and their children are enjoying the recreation ground and, as we hoped, a range of events and activities are being held there. This is great news and a clear demonstration of how important and valuable this ground located at the heart of the community is.

Paul Yorke,
Chair The PLACE Project

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