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Popalong CHIKS (Children’s Home In Kenya Support)


Tomatoes are being grown in the new greenhouseSome recent one-off donations to CHIKS have enabled our guardians to buy and erect a large greenhouse from a company providing expert care. The money was the exact amount needed to cover construction, planting with high-quality tomato seeds, aftercare and advice. The greenhouse is suitably protected from the African sun by UV-stabilised plastic sheet and mosquito netting provides ventilation and protects from insects. There is a small water tank and drip irrigation fed from a large, existing water tank. CHIKS is paying for the first three months supply of water (from a tanker that takes water from the lake), after which the ground will be soaked, it will need less water and the profits from selling the tomatoes will hopefully cover the cost of the water.






the new greenhouse will bring in some much needed money from the crops grown in it the water tank will provide drip irrigation for the plants in the greenhouse


It was erected in June during Irene’s second visit this year, and the tomato plants are already growing well. It will, in time, provide income to help feed the children, as will the chicken business and goat rearing. The guardians are really happy as these projects empower them and give hope for the future. The children are happy and working hard at school and polytechnic. We are pleased that Joel, one of the boys who has finished secondary education, has found a job at a bakery and wants to save money to go on to further education, which CHIKS cannot provide. We have recently taken on two more widows as guardians to three primary-age children, two of whom are total orphans.

Thanks to everyone who came to the wonderful concert with the Ignite Choir and Ukuladies+1 - a most enjoyable evening. Our grateful thanks to those who performed. Over £600 was raised for CHIKS, which will go towards the ongoing cost of the children’s education and food.

Do come to our cake stall outside Crich Butchers on September 15th, and note the date for LESLEY SMITH’S next visit in November!


Cake stall: 15th September, 8.30am–11.00am, outside Crich Butchers.



November 9th 7.30pm:


Lesley Smith as Peggy Knight
WWII SOE (Special Operations Executive)
Friday November 9th 2018 at 7.30pm
St Mary’s Church, Crich
(As part of a weekend of Remembrance)


Lesley Smith has visited Crich many times and never fails to move and entertain the sell-out audiences. We’ve always seen her in her courtly roles – Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, Mary Queen of Scots, Katherine Swynford and Nell Gwynn, but now she is presenting a new character , the 1940s WWII SOE operative Peggy Knight.


Peggy Knight Lesley Smith

Peggy Knight                                                      Lesley Smith



In 1944 a young woman, who had been previously a shorthand typist at the electricity board in North London, was parachuted into Nazi occupied France. She was a member of SOE and had only received two weeks training and one practice parachute jump. Her story of immense courage and dignity in the face of the most dangerous of situations is both breathtaking and remarkable as she was recorded moving straight through the middle of enemy lines on her bicycle.

Peggy’s story is little known but now is the time to meet her. An ordinary woman who you would pass in the street without a second glance, but she was extraordinary, as you will discover.

Tickets £10 including refreshments, contact Deirdre 01773 853722

In aid of the Crich based charity CHIKs – Children’s Homes in Kenya Support.


If you can become a regular donor, please contact Lynda or Jim Gray and we will send you a form to fill in. Can be gift aided.


Justin Mansfield 07917 117 091

Lynda Gray: 01773 857921

Deirdre Offord 01773 853722

Heather Johnson 01773 856212

Christine Bryan 01773 853395


Our partners in Aduwa are Hope Initiative Kenya, and their website address is