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Crich Careline

Can we help you or someone you know?

If you live alone or cannot leave your home without help, maybe you feel isolated and cut off from other people. Minor worries can seem to be serious problems if you have no-one to talk them over with.

Crich Careline is here to help by being the friend at the end of the phone. If you join the service, one of our volunteers will phone you on a regular basis. You can tell them, should you want to, if you are worried about something, or you can simply have a chat. You can just talk for a couple of minutes or have a longer conversation.

The people who already use Careline say it can make a big difference to their lives, knowing that they will receive a regular phone call (and this can be reassuring for their families too). It is also a useful safety net in case something goes wrong.

The service is free of charge.

If you would like to know more, please leave your name and phone number at Crich Vicarage and our coordinator would be pleased to come and explain it to you.
01773 852449
Or contact Richard Port on
07939 572408

Can YOU help us?

At Crich Careline we are always looking for new volunteers to help us improve and expand our service.
You need to enjoy talking to other people and be a sympathetic listener. In fact, all our existing volunteers say this is the most rewarding part of their work. You may only need to set aside an hour or so every couple of weeks, and this can be varied to suit your commitments or if anything unexpected turns up.
We give you full training with regular updates, and we also arrange social events so our volunteers can get together, exchange experiences and expand their own circle of friends.
If you have some spare time and would like to help other people living in your community, please contact us.

Or could you make a donation?
The Crich Careline service is free of charge, so we need donations to keep it thriving. If you could help us financially, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Crich Careline is a voluntary organisation that works to improve the welfare of people who are elderly, isolated, frail, disadvantaged or disabled in Crich, Whatstandwell, Fritchley, Bull Bridge, Holloway and South Wingfield.
The service is funded by private donations and from fund-raising activity in the local community.

Careline poster