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The combined concert of band and choir in St Mary's church was a new venture for both groups. Those of you who heard us, and I trust enjoyed, will have realised just how serious we are about making brass band music locally enjoyable. What a great sound it is � and it's not all old hat. We enjoyed playing in the church, at a proper sit-down concert in a good venue to your good selves, and not being exposed to the elements. We hope this can become an annual event in the parish.
The band has enjoyed a reasonably good summer season, at local f�tes, garden parties etc. We also played as far away as North Wingfield plus quite a few other engagements. We were very lucky to have never been rained off, or for that matter never even got wet. What a summer!
A big thank you to the people who gave us donations, some of which were surprisingly generous. These donations will go, along with the income we have earned, to pay for the maintenance of existing instruments, the purchase of new ones and new music. Some of us are still playing on borrowed instruments and to build up a library from scratch over a few years is quite a feat. It will be good for the morale of the band when we are independent and all the instruments are ours.
The Training band is ongoing; three of our learners now play in the main band which is very satisfying to those who have taught them. We welcome new starters of any age. Instruments, music and tuition are all totally free. Come and have a look at us any Thursday evening between 7.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. in the social room at the Kings Arms. This is where we rehearse by kind permission of mine host Esme without whose generosity we would find it very difficult to exist.
We do have a turnover in learners, but since we lost four and gained four it seems to work out. Some have a try and enjoy learning and some don't. Each to his own. If you don't have a go then you will never know. Yes we do have adult learners.
Finally the band must be doing something right as we have gained three new musicians. Martin on tenor horn, Lisa on cornet and Ian on BBb bass. Welcome and enjoy.
Derek Swindell

Christmas Concert
December 21st
Kings Arms 7.30 p.m.

Why not come along and enjoy listening to our own village brass band in very convivial surroundings?
Few communities can boast of having so much musical talent in their midst � let us support them.
Get into the Christmas spirit with a rousing and traditional musical feast provided by Crich Brass.