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the second instalment
In our last article we wrote about the fantastic opportunity we have been offered by local landowner Dave Wright to use his wood for our outdoor learning work.
We have taken him up �big time� on this offer so that this term all children in Y4 and Y5 have been working in the woods each Friday morning on an environmental project. The children are studying the various layers of woodland � ground, plants and shrubs and the tree canopy.

Today me and my class mates went to Leashaw wood. We went to learn more about the habitats and plants to be found there.
First we looked for some plants and we found a yellow mushroom surrounded by Dead Man's Fingers (that is a kind of fungus).
After that we saw a hazel nut tree, so we looked under it and there were cracked nuts left by a squirrel or a wood mouse.
Then we went over to a stream and we saw something surprising. It was a newt which was brown and spotty.
Before we left we saw a Robin, Forget-me-nots and a Leopard slug.
I liked seeing the newt and the mushrooms. The woods are a great place to learn about plants and animals especially when we have got Mrs Varty who is an expert on wildlife
Emma Lawrence, aged 8


Today my class went to some nearby woods. We got split into groups. We were going to look at habitats. We were all very excited. At last we were there! People crouched up in a corner to look at a mouldy football (it was for a dog to play with.) Mrs Varty told us what to do if we see any poisonous fungi. The first thing my group studied was some holly. My teacher told us to sketch a picture of it and then write "holly" next to the picture of it. Then we studied ferns.
I did not do the best pictures because I had to crouch down to draw. I saw a little stream but there was a giant slug near it. We saw some fungus growing on an old log. Mrs Varty said it was a type of fungi called Black Elf. Unfortunately the fungi we were looking for (called dead mans fingers) we did not find. We saw some wood ants crawling all over a pine tree. The wood ants went on to Andrew's coat. Oliver told me that wood ants can sting if they bite. He also told me if they were threatened the wood ants would spray acid. Andrew did not get sprayed by the wood ants. We looked at some berries in the woods (I could not work out what type of berries they were). All I knew about the berries were that they were red. Then it was time to go back to the bus. We retraced our steps over stones, stepping on the brambles, past the fungus log (the one which did not have the elf fungi on) and back to the bus. We got our seat belts on and went back to school.
What a great way to spend a Friday morning.

Charlotte Hand, aged 7


Today year 3 and 4 went to Leashaw woods. We went to learn about habitats by looking around the great big woods. We were put into four groups and set off to look at all the different things and it was very sunny and warm.
First we went to look for things that live under the ground, like wood lice and beetles and I found an earwig.
After that we went to look for an ants nest. We were looking all over the place it was very enjoyable (but we didn�t find one!).
Last of all we made our way back whilst looking in mice boxes to see if there where any nesting in them. The only thing that was in them was grubs, slugs and some feathers.
The conclusion I reached was that many creatures live under the ground.

Alex Wild, aged 8

We found lots of things in the woods. Can you identify these four from the clues?
What am I?
I am black and red.
Lots of us live together in a nest.
We have a motorway up and down the wall.
We can bite and spray acid.
There are thousands of us in the wood.

I grow on a tree in autumn.
I grow in bunches.
I am red and round.
Birds love to eat me because we are juicy.
People think I am poisonous but I am not.
We can be made into medicine or wine or jelly.
My name mixed up is REAR BROWNY.

I am a fungus.
I grow in grass and rotten logs.
I am black.
I am long and pointy.
I am quite fat and a bit cylindrical.
My name suggests you would find me in a graveyard.

I am small.
I am wiggly.
I have lines on my back.
I am slimy.
I have four legs and a tail.
I like to live in the water.
I am an amphibian.


The wind in t�woods
The furious wind travelled through the damp wood.
I wonder what it sees.
It spies a tree as large as an elephant.
It sees some rotten acorns on the leafy floor.
The angry wind roars through the cold wood.
I wonder what it hears.
It hears a red breasted robin singing in a tall apple tree.
Ethan and Kiran

Thank you as a community for supporting our children by giving them opportunities to develop their citizenship and life skills through gardening; using money for shopping; raising inter-generational awareness through Luncheon Club; playing in Crich Band; and for the support we get from all the churches. Finally thank you for reading these articles. Over the years they have provided a potted history of the

You can read previous articles from the Junior School in the archive.